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How do I choose reusable pads for postpartum?

How do I choose reusable pads for postpartum? excellent question! One that is usually followed by how many do I need? Let's dive in!

close up of woman holding pregnant belly with choosing reusable pads in the postpartum period

If you are expecting a baby, congratulations!! If you are simply planning for the future and thinking of reusables, way to go! Our postpartum pads are designed to be very gentle on tender perineums and you will find that your chance of developing that nasty 'diaper rash' so commonly associated with disposables, is drastically reduced. If you've had a baby in the past and this has been your experience with paper and plastic pads, you'll be singing your own praises for choosing reusables.

As a mama of 9 children, I have plenty of experience with the postpartum period.  However, as the owner of a reusable pad company, I can tell you that every woman's postpartum experience is different and every birth is different.  Your postpartum flow is affected by not just your individual makeup, but by your postpartum aftercare and the type of birth you have (Caesarean vs vaginal).

Many women experiencing a Caesarean birth will have a lesser quantity and intensity of flow because part of their birth will include a 'cleaning out' of the baby nest.  Often, this results in a postpartum flow that, while longer than a typical period, may be about the same level of flow.

Many mamas who have a low-intervention vaginal birth will find that their postpartum flow is quite extreme for a few days, tapering to heavy for a few days and then more like a typical moderate-flow cycle for weeks.  It is normal for flow to stop and start up again several times over a month or 6 weeks before it stops for good. Surprise!

It is possible to take guess on what your flow might be like, but not possible to know for certain, so if you would like to use reusables during the postpartum period, we suggest being prepared for the most intense bleeding.

We suggest the following:

We wish you all the best as you prepare for the birth of your new baby! If you have further questions about your personal postpartum situation, please contact us and we'll be happy to chat further.