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fabulous pads for periods or incontinence

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christine gayfer winter hike february 2021
Christine Gayfer, owner and founder of Amie Reusable Pads

Looking for washable pads? Welcome to Amie Reusable Pads!

Pronounced, am-EE, as in the french word for friend, Amie speaks of the welcome and community we hope you will feel as you journey into the world of reusable pads.  Many pretty terrific people are here to cheer you on and to help make your reusable pad experience fabulous!

Instead of watching an ugly pile of plastic garbage build up in your waste basket every month (and your guilt level along with it!), you can smile and give yourself a big ol' planet-friendly high-five as you take out your collection of beautiful, Amie reusable pads.

And, Amie donates 10% of all profits to International Justice Mission Canada to join in the fight to end slavery worldwide and all our reusable pads are made in Canada – two more things to feel great about.

For periods or incontinence, you'll love these reusable pads!

Amie Reusable Pads began as Wishy-Washy Cloth in 2018, providing fabulous reusable pads to women, at first just through a Facebook group. As well, Wishy-Washy Cloth pads were sold at a local brick and mortar store and toward the end of 2018, we opened an Etsy shop, which quickly built-up to dozens of 5-star reviews.

Christine, the owner (and still one of the seamstresses at Amie!), began using reusable pads in the mid-1990s, just as awareness of the garbage problem was dawning. These pads were certainly functional and comfortable, but not overly exciting. Christine and her husband had 9 children over a period of 23 years. This initial set of pads lasted for this entire time!

When Christine finally needed a new set, she put her sewing skills to work. The result was a beautiful collection of colourful, beautiful reusable pads that bring her a little bit of fabulous every month. Enjoying this process so much, she began to make new pads for her sisters and friends…and eventually Wishy-Washy Cloth, now Amie Reusable Pads, was born!

We'd love to help you in any way we can to make your reusable pads experience a great one.  Please reach out to us anytime using the contact form here or on Instagram (@amiereusablepads) or Facebook.