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fabulous pads for periods or incontinence

Large Wet Bag

Where do you put your soiled pads during your cycle while they await washing? Into a super-awesome, adorable reusable bag worthy of your fabulous pads!!

Made by our friends at Colibri Canada, this bag will hold a whole cycle's worth of pads and features both a larger waterproof-lined main pocket and a second, smaller dry pocket, both with zipper closures.  If you are travelling, this dry pocket will hold a quite a few clean pads, while the waterproof pocket can hold the soiled ones.  This large wet bag also has two straps which can snap around a towel rod or shower curtain rod for your convenience in the bathroom. 

🌱 Other Ideas

  • cosmetic kit or travel toiletries (no worries about shampoo spilling in your luggage!)
  • keep your electronics safe when you travel
  • store wet bathing suits to take home
  • holds several cloth diapers and some reusable wipes for a terrific take-along kit
  • keep in the kitchen, snapped onto a cabinet or your stove to keep soiled dishcloths awaiting wash day
  • store trash in the car
  • keep sunscreen and water bottles from getting all sandy at the beach
  • store workout clothes on the way home from the gym
  • nursing moms who pump can keep breast pump parts clean and together

🌱  Specs

  • Outer Fabric: 100% cotton
  • Inner Fabric: 100% polyester with polyurethane (PUL)
  • Zipper is lead and nickel free
  • 12 x 15"

🌱  Washing Instructions

Machine wash on cold or handwash and dry on low or hang to dry.

🇨🇦  Made in Canada by Colibri Canada

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love it!

The fabric looks beautiful and feels luxurious. The lining is soft and pliable. Elegant, well made and holds a lot. I have all three sizes, and use them for all kinds of things. Highly recommend.

Large Wet Bag

Currently using them to store the reusable pads. Very well made, beautiful! Will be using medium wet bag when out.

Naomi Newson
Convenient/Good for small bathrooms

I have really enjoyed the ease of putting my used pads into this bag hanging on my shower curtain! I don't pre rinse my used pads, I just place them in the open bag to dry. I haven't had any issues with staining or smells and it's easy to wash or wipe out the inside wet part. Best wet bag purchase

Very handy!

We have the Large Wet Bag in Spring hanging from our shower rod and it's a really easy receptacle for used period products. I haven't yet tried it out when travelling but appreciate that it has separate pockets for wet and dry items. The recommendations for other items that might fit in the bag are also appreciated! Clearly a versatile product. One thing I would caution is that, if you haven't completely rinsed clean your period products when you place them in the wet pouch, the lining of the dry pouch in front may stain due to seeping from the wet side in back. I haven't been able to remove the stains but it's not a big deal - it doesn't show through the exterior fabric and doesn't carry any odor, either. Otherwise the bag is quite easy to launder, I just toss it in with the period products when I'm washing them (generally cold wash and then low heat when drying). I've now ordered another Large Wet Bag in the Wild Roses fabric and look forward to using it, either when travelling or for storing other items. Solid-coloured fabric options in darker shades would be great but I'm not disappointed!