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Why Choose Reusable Pads?

  • by admin
  • 2 min read

Why Choose Reusable Pads?

outstretched hand with several reusable pads

What advantages do reusable pads have over their disposable counterparts? While it is easy to see their advantages in terms of reducing garbage, reusable pads actually have many other advantages.  Here are a few reasons to choose reusables:


At Amie Pads one of our favourite features of reusables is that they have so much personality!  We love pads that are pretty or cute.  Every week, a customer tells us that our pads help her actually look forward to her cycle!


Besides personality, reusable pads have quite a few options for lengths and absorbencies that allow you to really customize your stash to suit your individual needs perfectly.


Speaking of absorbency, reusable pads frequently outperform disposables both for period and for incontinence use.  Bryony from Precious Stars Pads does a terrific comparison video you might like to take a look at. 



Many of our customers aren't your stereotypical tree-huggers, but rather they come to reusables to escape some pretty horrific reactions to disposables.  We've heard many horror stories of pain and rashes that make us shudder!  Reusable pads put an end to this monthly nightmare.  And, while we're on the subject of pain-free pads...a reusable pad has no sticky strips that can adhere themselves to your sensitive lady-parts.  Need we say more?!


(That's the best 'P' word we could come up with for this one!) Infinitely more comfortable than poorly-breathing paper and plastic pads, reusables feel cozy in the winter and cool in the summer.  If the adorable prints don't win you over, you are going to find the comfort factor is a real treat!


Disposable pads last for hours while reusable pads can last a decade.  The initial investment in reusable pads will pay off in not having to drop one thin dime on a monthly basis for years!


And, of course...single-use plastics are assaulting our planet at an alarming rate.  Reusable pads allow us to end our addiction to single-use plastics in a way that offers tremendous benefits for ourselves and the world we are leaving to those who come afterwards.

Those are a few of our favourite benefits!  If you have any questions about making reusable pads work well for you, please reach out to us anytime through the contact form.  We're here to help!