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How do I use reusable pads on the go?

How do I use reusable pads on the go?

If you are considering reusables, we'd like to say congrats!  You probably have a number of questions, including how to manage reusable pads when you are away from home.  Rest assured that reusable pads can be managed without any trouble when you are out and about.

girl with reusable pad in her pocket leaving the house

Just like the disposable products you are likely familiar with, a reusable pad can easily be tucked into a reusable wrapper and stashed discreetly in your purse or backpack.  Take this little pouch with you to the bathroom and, instead of using the wrapper to toss your pad, fold up your used pad, pop it in the pouch and bring it home.  It's that easy!

Longer times away from home can be managed almost as easily.  If you will need a few pads, you'll need to store a few clean pads and have a place for a few used ones.  A great product we offer is our Medium Wet Bag, which has both a pocket for your clean pads and a waterproof pocket for your used pads.  This bag will fit into your backpack or another bag.  If you don't want to bring the whole thing to the bathroom with you, just take along one pad in a pad wrapper.

What about vacations?  For vacations that are a typical week, you can take your pads along and dry store (meaning you'll just remove a pad and put it directly into your wet bag) until you get home and are ready to wash.  It won't hurt your pads to sit for a few extra days to wait to be washed, if they are not rinsed or stored wet.  Be sure to keep your wetbag unzippered as long as possible to allow some air flow to your pads.  For longer vacations, you will have access to a washer and dryer and can just take care of them the same way you do at home.

And, the truth is that if you don't want to be bothered using reusable pads during a vacation now and then, the world is not going to stop turning!  While we can't endorse mainstream disposable products, we'd encourage you to choose a safer, organic alternative, and do so with our blessing!  There is no need to be absolutely perfectly zero-waste to make a big impact on our planet.  💙