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How do reusable pads stay in place?

How do reusable pads stay in place?

back of snapped reusable pad on white wooden backdrop

Ever spend time with a shifty person?  Someone you just couldn't trust? Shifty people make everyone nervous and shifty pads are no different. When a disposable pad shifts, knowing it might stick somewhere very painful means you have good reason to be worried!

Not so with reusable pads.  Whew!

Before we go any further, we need to share our hands-down, number one secret to avoiding shifty pads...snug underwear.  All the fantastic features on the planet will be for naught if you are wearing your saggy-baggy undies. So, if those are your jam, save them for your non-cycle days and stock up on a few new pairs of nice, snug-fitting skivvies to wear while you are using reusable pads.

That being said...we've designed our pads to stay in place with several features:

Firstly, our pads are backed with soft shell fleece.  This fabric is not only breathable and waterproof, but it has a slightly fuzzy back to grip undies and minimizing shifting.

Secondly, our snaps are high-quality polyresin KAM™ brand snaps.  Why does this matter?  Because they will stay fastened and that's it!

Thirdly, our wings have a longer area of coverage than tab-style wings.  This means that they cover more of the edge of your undies and, therefore, have less opportunity to slip (and you are less likely to have a side-leak as a bonus!)

So, you bring the snug undies and we'll provide the non-shifty pads!

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