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How to Sanitize Reusable Pads

How to Sanitize Reusable Padssanitizing reusable pads 3 easy steps bright pink background

With a good wash routine, your reusable pads will not normally need any special attention from you.  You can just get into your groove and set your routine on auto-pilot.

However, life isn't perfect and there are a few circumstances where you may need to give your reusable pads a little extra TLC.

Here are a few:

  • when you've suffered from a yeast (Candida) infection while using your pads
  • when you get preloved pads
  • when you've accidentally let your pads soak for too long and they start to smell icky even after washing

In these cases, we suggest doing a bleach soak.

We can hear you now - "What?!?! Won't that ruin my pads?!"

Let us reassure you that, done correctly, a short bleach soak with a small amount of bleach will give your pads a good reset and will not ruin your prints.  This is not something to do every time, just when needed based on the circumstances above.

How to Sanitize Reusable Pads with Bleach:

  1. Begin with clean pads (stain-free is not necessary, just washed and dried)
  2. Add 1 T. bleach (not scented) to a gallon of cold water and put pads in to soak for 30 minutes only
  3. Rinse pads with hot water
  4. Wash pads (along with your regular laundry is fine) with your usual amount of detergent

Your pads should now be reset and ready to go!

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