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fabulous pads for periods or incontinence

16 Ways to Make Your Life Easier with Wet Bags

16 Ways to Make Your Life Easier with Wet Bags

text 16 ways to make your life easier with wet bags
We love that you love supporting Canadian businesses!  You'll be thrilled to know that our wet bags are made right here in Canada by our friends at Colibri.
Besides caring for your reusable pads at home or on the go, we've complied a list of 16 fabulous ways you can use our wet bags to make your life a little easier:
  1. for a cosmetic kit or travel toiletries (no worries about shampoo spilling in your luggage!)
  2. to keep your electronics safe when you travel
  3. to store wet bathing suits to take home
  4. to hold cloth diapers and some reusable wipes for a terrific take-along kit
  5. to keep in the kitchen, snapped onto a cabinet or your stove to keep soiled dishcloths awaiting wash day
  6. to store trash in the car
  7. to keep sunscreen and water bottles from getting all sandy at the beach
  8. to store workout clothes on the way home from the gym
  9. nursing moms who pump can keep breast pump parts clean and together
  10. to take along a little first aid kit
  11. to hold a menstrual cup
  12. to keep your cloth mask clean and your soiled one separate until washing
  13. to buy these for reusable snack bags to hold up to 1 cup sliced fruit or veggies or other snacks*
  14. to keep your razor safe on the go
  15. to keep napkins or tissues clean and ready to use
  16. and, my personal take along a wet cloth to clean hands and faces (as a mom of 9, this is a MUST if you are taking your kiddoes out for ice cream!!🍦)

 * Great news!! This size of Colibri wet bags have been tested and certified to meet both FDA and Health Canada food safety standards.

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