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fabulous pads for periods or incontinence


Welcome to the whole shebang! This is a collection of pretty much our full offerings in the shop. You'll find fabulous reusable pads and liners here, wet bags in many sizes and a few other goodies. There is lots here to browse through.

In fact, it can be downright overwhelming.

At Amie Pads, we're on a mission to guide you through this journey to comfort, confidence, and sustainability. Maybe you're looking for the best reusable period pads or the best pads for urinary incontinence. Either way, we've got you covered.

And, we've got you covered for some cute, made in Canada, storage solutions for your reusable pads, too.

If you need some more information on helping you choose, we suggest heading over to one of two pages:

For info on the best pads for periods, visit Reusable Pads for Periods

For info on the best pads for incontinence, visit Washable Pads for Incontinence