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fabulous pads for periods or incontinence

Interlabial Pad Boosters

Have a gushy, crazy flow that needs some taming?!  Read on!

Sold in a set of 5 or 10, our reusable interlabial pad boosters will be super-helpful to many reusable pad users.  These are not worn internally, but between the labia to help direct flow to the centre of the pad.  This way, women who find their flow naturally directs toward the front or back will make better use of standard-shaped reusable pads.  Similarly, interlabial pad boosters are essential for anyone with a very gushy flow, as they will slow the flow down and direct it into the centre of the pad.

Won't they be uncomfortable?!
Nah!! These are so soft and gentle, you will quickly forget you are wearing them! 

📣  NOTE:  Colours and patterns will vary on your interlabial pad boosters, as will the type of fabric we use on the top.  The back will always be a layer of 100% cotton flannel. 

🌱  Specs

  • Topper: 100% Cotton Flannel, Cotton Spandex, or Handdyed Bamboo Velour
  • Backer: 100% Cotton Flannel
  • approximately 4" in length 

🌱  Washing Instructions

We highly recommend you wash and dry all pads and liners before first use.

  1. Store unrinsed pads in an open wetbag or pail until ready to wash.
  2. When ready to wash, soak pads overnight in COLD water with a bit of dissolved OxiClean™ and detergent.
  3. Rinse pads and treat any remaining stains. Repeat soak, if necessary.
  4. Wash and dry pads with regular laundry, WITHOUT fabric softener.

Questions?! Please contact us anytime using the contact form on the top or bottom of the page.  We are always here to help!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Rachel S.
Interlabial Pad Boosters are so worth it

I am a big fan of these interlabial booster pads because I can often wear a pad longer by just changing the booster. I have ordered them a few times and noticed that now they are bigger which is great for more coverage. I especially like the ones that are made with hand-dyed velour (because they stay so soft and more absorbent even when I hand-wash and air dry). So I ordered a bunch and added a little note on my order that I’d like just the velour ones. Christine was so accommodating! I received a rainbow of luscious colours and they are so soft and a joy to wear.

Candy C.
Interlabial pad

They work so well, offering some added protection. I would highly recommend them to any woman that uses cloth pads.

Amazing little product!

I cannot speak highly enough of these interlabial pads! I’m on the pill but still end up getting breakthrough bleeding every month. I was so tired of the awful feeling of the panty liners I was using and went on the hunt for a better option. These are so comfortable and catch and bleeding I have and keep it cleanly contained. I’ve been using them for two days now and am already planning on purchasing a few more. Cramps and bleeding are pretty much one of the worst things we have to deal with as women and this product removes any of the excess uncomfortableness from your period. 100% recommend!

Marian Hansen

Interlabial Pad Boosters

Susan Raposo
Interlabial Pads

These have been great! So easy to use and did exactly what they are supposed to do. Easy to wear, easy to clean. I'm really pleased with my order and will definitely order from Amie again.