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fabulous pads for periods or incontinence

Amie Active Reusable Postpartum Pads

Welcome to Amie Active!  If you are looking for a reusable pad that is super-easy care, you're going to love these ones.

🌱  Amie Active Benefits:

  • less work: no soaking required because fabric resists staining
  • feels dry: stay-dry fabric wicks moisture away quickly
  • feels comfortably cool even in summer or after exercise
  • never worry about odours: athletic fabric is extra-resistant to these

And... our Postpartum Reusable Pads will have you literally covered for just about anything you can throw at them!

Like our bamboo velour-topped pads, athletic wicking jersey handles gushy flow very well, making them perfect for postpartum use or for very heavy, gushy menstrual bleeding.  This shape has exceptional wing-coverage and an asymmetrical flare, which is extra-wide at one end, offering full-coverage for back-sleepers. We mark absorbency in the corner of the Amie tag on the back of the pad.

Choose one or save with a set of 6!

🌱  Specs

  • Topper: 100% Polyester Athletic Wicking Jersey
  • Core: 1 layer of Super-Heavy Bamboo Organic Cotton Fleece; 2 layers of Zorb
  • Backer: Waterproof 100% Polyester Soft Shell
  • Snaps: High Quality KAMsnaps® brand Polyresin
  • Length: 16"
  • Snapped Width: 2.5"

🌱  Washing Instructions

Wash and dry pads with regular laundry.  No soaking needed!
(We highly recommend you wash and dry all pads and liners before first use.)

    Questions?! Please contact us anytime using the contact form on the top or bottom of the page.  We are always here to help!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Good for heavy bleeds

    I have struggled with heavy bleeding and bloody bedsheets on the first heavy day of my period. I tried the heavy pads at first, but they didn’t quite do the job with the level of bleeding I experienced, so I decided to try the post-partum pads. They worked so well and stayed in place through the night. The active reusable kept me feeling pretty dry too.