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fabulous pads for periods or incontinence

Single Absorbency Reusable Pad Starter Sets

Looking to start using reusable pads but only need one absorbency?!  Maybe you are looking for washable incontinence pads for bladder leaks or you need a few pads to build up your set of reusable period pads. This is the place for you!

Choose your absorbency from the drop-down menu to build your set of light, moderate, long moderate or long-heavy absorbency pads. Each of our pads is topped with cotton spandex. Like your favourite tee, cotton spandex is a perfect balance between warm enough in the winter and cool enough in the summer. All pads are backed with waterproof soft shell fabric and snap around undies to stay in place. With our signature wrap wing shape, each pad has excellent side coverage to prevent leaks.

⭐   NOTE: You will receive a variety of our current prints, which may or may not be the ones represented in the photo.

🌱  Pads Included - choose from:

  • Four (4) Extra-Long Heavy Absorbency reusable pads
  • Four (4) Long Heavy Absorbency reusable pads
  • Four (4) Long Moderate Absorbency reusable pads
  • Four (4) Standard Moderate Absorbency reusable pads
  • Four (4) Standard Short Light Absorbency reusable pads

      🌱  Specs

      • Topper Fabrics: Cotton spandex
      • Core (pads): Heavy Pads – 2 layers of Super-Heavy Bamboo Organic Cotton Fleece; Moderate Pads – 1 layer of Super-Heavy Bamboo Organic Cotton Fleece; Light Pads – 1 layer of Bamboo Organic Cotton Fleece
      • Backer (pads): waterproof 100% Polyester Soft Shell
      • Snaps: High Quality KAM brand Polyresin
      • Lengths: 14" (extra-long), 12" (long), 10" (standard), 8" (standard short)
      • Snapped Width: 2.5"

        For more information on our pad sizing, please click here.

        🌱  Washing Instructions

        We highly recommend you wash and dry all pads and liners before first use.

        1. Store unrinsed pads in an open wetbag or pail until ready to wash.
        2. When ready to wash, soak pads overnight in COLD water with a bit of dissolved OxiClean™ and detergent.
        3. Rinse pads and treat any remaining stains. Repeat soak, if necessary.
        4. Wash and dry pads with regular laundry, WITHOUT fabric softener.

        Questions?! Please contact us anytime using the contact form on the top or bottom of the page.  We are always here to help!

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 15 reviews
        Darlene Franchetto
        Pad bunching

        I find the wings of the pad are too narrow. When snaps are done up it causes bunching of my undergarment and the pad. For me it feels uncomfortable and wish that the wings were just slightly wider. Product performance is great.

        Hi Darlene, Thanks so much for your review. I have a solution for you that I think is going to really help.
        While the pads are made to work for the majority of standard undies, there are definitely undies out there with a wider crotch width and, as someone who has used them, I agree that can be really annoying!
        I'm going to pop a couple of wing extenders in the mail to you and you can let me know if they solve your problem, which I expect they will. :)

        Barbara WJ
        Single Absorbency Reusable Pad Starter Set

        This is the first time that I have used reusable pads ( for light bladder leaks ). Still getting used to them. Only needed when I leave the house so far. Takes a day or two to hang dry. So far, so good.

        Debby G.
        Single Absorbency Reusable Pad Starter Set

        I think your products are great. They are very comfortable and I doubt I will ever use paper products again.

        Jerren Helwig
        So comfortable and absorbent

        These pads were the right size and shape for me. The material was comfortable and I had no leakage. They were easy to wash and dried faster than I expected.

        Diane Ross
        So pleased with my purchase

        I ordered a sampler set because it was difficult to choose between the different fabrics. The liners are comfortable, make me feel good about myself, and they do what they are meant to do! It is so nice to have a reusable option that I can rely on! Although there was a small mix up with my initial order, Christine reached out to me personally and remedied the situation immediately. Not only is the product lovely and of top quality, but the customer service is amazing!