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Camping with Reusable Pads

Camping with Reusable Pads

One of our most frequently asked questions is, "How do I use reusable pads when I am away from home?" We've talked about that in our FAQs and also in a previous blog post, How do I use reusable pads on the go? In the summertime, camping offers unique challenges and we'd like to assure you that your reusable pads can camp along with you!

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When you are camping, the main differences to deal with will be changing, storage and cleaning.

Changing: If you are more glampers (like us!) and have a trailer with a bathroom, changing your pad will look about the same as at home.  However, if you are tenting, changing your pad will be different, but still as simple as when you are normally away from home.  You can do one of two things.  Firstly, you can bring a clean pad in a pad wrapper or small wet bag to the bathroom and use it to bring the soiled one back to your tent.  Alternatively, you can change your pad in your tent.  We know...a little...unorthodox!  (If you are in a very heavy part of your cycle, you'll probably want to go to the bathroom.) You can use the soiled pad to wipe, change your pad to a clean one, put the soiled one in your wet bag and wash your hands in the bathroom or at your tap.

Storage: Even if you are normally someone who prefers to do a continuous soak method for soiled pads, we suggest that you dry store your pads while camping.  This means, you'll just remove your soiled pad and toss it into your wet bag. (You can even use a large Ziploc-style bag, if you don't have a wet bag.) Especially if it is particularly hot and humid, be sure to leave the bag slightly open to allow air circulation. This actually keeps pads from smelling bad.

Cleaning: If you will be away less than a week or so, you can simply bring them home and wash them at home.  If you're going to be away longer, you will need to get a bit creative.  Reusable pads are a cinch to handwash.  Use cold water to do a rinse or soak to remove most of the flow and then wash in warm or hot water with a bit of detergent.  To hang to dry, attach your pads together in a long chain by snapping the wings, one pad onto the next, and then clip one end to your clothesline.

We recently chatted about camping and reusables on our Amie Reusable Pads Community Facebook group.  Here are a few comments from our members:

Whitney says, "When I travel I bring a couple freezer ziploc bags to dry store my used pads. I put them in another fabric bag so they are private. I use my regular wet bag during day and just transfer them over when I get back to where I am staying. I dry store my pads until washing at home anyways so nothing really different."

Brandy says, "{I use} a strap to hang dry them after hand washing them."

Jennifer says, "Typically I do tent camping for weekends, with outhouse access and minimal wash facilities (Outdoor sink or tap). Because I still have access to a car, I keep clean ones in the tent in a ziploc. I have a small carry pouch that I use when I go to the outhouse, which fits 1-2 pads. I take the dry one there and the soiled one back in it and then I put them into the wet bag in my car.  I'd prefer not to attract insects or critters which is why the soiled ones go into the car. I've never tried washing and hanging them. A bit more than I am willing to do at a cub scout camp!!"

Sue says, "I put them in with my little guys cloth diapers. In a pinch, I will handwash a few with boiling water, etc. Mostly we can store them 4-5 days in a bag and wash at home!"