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Amie Active

fabulous pads for periods or incontinence

Reusable Liner Surprise Bundle

Love surprises and love reusables?!  Then, you'll love this set of reusable liners in surprise prints!  You may receive some of the prints in the picture...or you may not! This shape features exceptional wing-coverage and a slightly asymmetrical flare. Liners do not have absorbency marked on the tag.

🌱  Included:

  • Four Standard Short Reusable Liners

For more information on our pad sizing, click here.

🌱  Specs

  • Topper Possibilities include: Cotton spandex; Cotton Flannel; Cotton Woven; Organic Bamboo Velour
  • Backed with 2 layers of 100% cotton flannel; liners do not have a waterproof backer
  • Length: 8"
  • Snapped Width: 2.75"

🌱  Washing Instructions

We highly recommend you wash and dry all pads and liners before first use.

  1. Store unrinsed pads in an open wetbag or pail until ready to wash.
  2. When ready to wash, soak pads overnight in COLD water with a bit of dissolved OxiClean™ and detergent.
  3. Rinse pads and treat any remaining stains. Repeat soak, if necessary.
  4. Wash and dry pads with regular laundry, WITHOUT fabric softener.

Questions?! Please contact us anytime using the contact form on the top or bottom of the page.  We are always here to help!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lovely gift to myself

It was a lovely treat to unwrap these liners I ordered. Beautiful patterns and even a freebie teabag tucked in to make myself a nice cuppa! They were easy to wash and dry though sometimes they slid backwards a bit. I find them a little wider than the other liners I have tried. I weigh less than 100lbs so I appreciate this is probably due to my petite ness. I enjoyed reading Christine’s website and I’m really glad I gave her the chance to impress me because she succeeded. Will buy more.

wendy forman

I am very happy with my purchase ...liners stay in place and dont feel uncomfortable.

Rosalyn Millar
Security as iMove

Love these,I feel free to move about, sit or run. Protects my clothing.
Wash and dry well. Ready to be reused. Such great quality and comfort.

Stacey Foreman

Reusable Liner Surprise Bundle

Pretty and soft

I decided to try these liners as was was previously using period underwear for light days and wanted something I would be able to change more easily at work. In addition, the store bought panty liners trap heat and seem to amplify odor and I was very self conscious. These liners so far are very soft and comfortable and don't make me feel sweaty or too hot. I would buy these again.