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fabulous pads for periods or incontinence

What materials are in Amie Pads?

Thank-you for being the kind of person who cares what is in the products you use! You know that it matters both to your own health what you put in or on your body and it also matters to the world that we choose sustainable materials.

several sunflower print reusable pads in a wicker basket  with some sunflowers beside them shown from the top with the words What materials are in Amie Pads?

Let's chat about what materials are in Amie Reusable Pads.

Backer: Our pads are backed with soft shell. Soft shell is a technical fabric that is very thin, but made up of 3 layers. First, there is a fuzzy microfleece back which is the part you will see. The fuzzy layer helps the pad grip undies to prevent slipping. Microfleece is a polyester fabric that does not wick moisture, which helps to keep undies dry. Second, in the middle of the fabric is a layer of PUL, which is the waterproof part of the fabric and, finally, the other side has a woven layer. This layer has just a bit of spandex in it to give the pad a hint of flexibility and good recovery 

Inside Layer: Inside our pads, there is a layer of 100% cotton. This layer adds stability to the pad and allows less stitching to show through. The absorbent core is stitched to this layer

Absorbent Core: We use three fabrics as the absorbent core, depending on the pad. In our light absorbency pads, we use bamboo organic cotton fleece, a very thin, but thirsty fabric which is actually beautifully soft...not that you'd know since it is inside the pad! In our moderate and heavy pads, we use super-heavy bamboo organic cotton fleece, which is simply a little beefier version of the same fabric, and/or zorb. Zorb is an innovative fabric made from a variety of fibres, which is highly absorbent and also absorbs very quickly. It is a remarkable product!

Topper: This layer is the one that goes against your skin and we typically have three different fabrics we use.  Overwhelmingly, we use cotton spandex on the majority of our pads. This is the same fabric that is used in many articles of clothing, including good quality undies and some of your favourite tees. We love that it feels cool enough in the summer and warm enough in the winter.  The fabric has a bit of stretch and they prints are colourfast, meaning that your pads stay looking great for a long time.

Sometimes people feel concerned about the fact that all of our fabrics are printed.  Are the dyes okay to be close to such a sensitive part?  Great question. The answer is absolutely, for two main reasons. Firstly, as mentioned, cotton spandex is the same fabric as undies are made from. This fabric sits against you all the time without causing any fuss or problem.  Secondly, reusable pads are worn externally. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ. Particularly when you are using them for periods or for bladder incontinence, the direction of travel is from the inside out. 

Back to our topper fabrics! Besides cotton spandex, we also use Athletic Wicking Jersey in our Amie Active line. This is a fabulous fabric for pads because of several qualities.  Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) stays nice and cool feeling even after exercise, meaning no sweaty mess.  It wicks moisture through to the core quickly, making it a great option for bladder gushes or for gushy periods. AWJ is also naturally stain-resistant, meaning there is no need for soaking to prevent staining.

Finally, for our postpartum pads, we use handdyed (by my teen daughters!) bamboo velour, a luxurious-feeling fabric which also handles gushes like a champ, feels soothing on the tender post-birth perineum and also resists stains quite well. 

Snaps: Our snaps are KAM brand polyresin snaps. They are designed to hold up very well in the wash and to stay snapped.

Thanks for taking the time to nerd-out on our materials!  If you ever have any questions or need some more information, please reach out anytime at all and we'll get back to you quickly!